According to the written records, it is said that the building was built in 1910. The stone walls which are 80 cm thick on the ground and the first floor, the 3 cm trees on the second and third floor called Bağdadi 20-25 cm space between them, and it is plastered with mortar which is made of burnt lime, straw and eggs. This process provides air circulation of the building and creates a natural climate, therefore the summers cool winter offers a warm environment. Perhaps the best thing to try is the Cumba feature, which draws even more attention than the best examples of the Ayvalık houses, where the building we are going to serve is completely restored individually. One of our twin buildings has been left with the same originality by us, although unfortunately the marble pattern, which is made entirely from the root dyestuffs on the walls of the walls, is unfortunately damaged in some places. Our building, which is visited by students and teachers of the different University Architecture and Restoration departments visiting Ayvalı and prepared as an example of the works prepared, can be moved to today.

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