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Ayvalik; It is a western Anatolian city that embraces the sparkling sea of the Aegean with its endless sandy beaches and you will not be able to enjoy its history and nature. The islands, which seem to be sprinkled over the sea, are the wonders of the North Aegean with their unique coral reefs and green coasts integrated underneath.
National Natural Park is one of Turkey's largest Ayvalık. The twenty-four islands, surrounded by olive and pine forests embracing the sea, are beautiful tourists paradise waiting to be discovered with its unique cultural, historical and charming submarine world with around 1850 registered civil and religious architecture resembling an open air museum.
Ayvalık, sea-sun tourism besides cultural tourism, water sports tourism, gastronomic culture together with a holiday for every taste offers.
You can explore Ayvalık's unique tours with daily boat tours. Sarimsakli and Altinova beaches you can enjoy the sea and the sun, you can live the sunshine in the most beautiful state of Satan Sofras'da. Underwater passengers can dive for 12 months and see red coral underwater, sea urchins and many more. Having a suitable sea and wind for sailing, surfing and kite surfing, Ayvalık is a point of attraction for sailers and surfers of all ages and sights.
You can go to the Kaz Mountains and Kozak Plateau from Ayvalik, to the thermal waters in Güre, to Bergama, Troy and Çanakkale Martyrs, or by an hourly ferry ride to Midilli (Greece). Whatever your holiday concept, Ayvalık welcomes you with all the hospitality and responds to your every request. All you have to do is take your camera and go!
Daily activities
Sand-Sea-Sun Sessions; You can sunbathe on the beaches of Capri and Paşalimanı, on the way to Çamlık, Sarimsakli or Patrica beaches, you can swim in the cool waters of the North Aegean.
Daily Tours; You can take 24 day boat trips and 24 islands and Cunda from the sea, or dive schools with professional divers to dive into red coral peculiar to Ayvalık.
Gastronomy; Whether you are in Ayvalık or Cunda, you can indulge in local delicacies, seafood and herb varieties.
Photo Safari; In Ayvalik and Cunda, you can take a photo trip between the registered old houses, churches, monasteries and the glass belonging to the neo classical turn, you can go on a historical journey.
Nature Walking; Whether you are in Kozak Yaylasas, you can walk between the pine and olive smells in the Ayvalık Islands Natural Park, and you can complete the day with clean, abundant oxygen.
Sunshine and Satanism; At sunset, you should definitely go to the Devil's Sofa and sip your tea while watching the sunset.
Magnificent View in Cunda; Sevim-Necdet Watching Cunda at a magnificent spot while photographing Kahluvanizi in Kent Library and photographing it?
Possible Distances
- Daily Boat Trips Jetty 700 m, Diving Schools Jetty 710 m,
- Hourly Mosque 290 m from the hotel, Taksiyarhis Monument Museum 500 m, Ayvalık Ayazması 950 m,
- From the hotel Capri Beach 2 km, Paşalimanı Beach 3 km, Sarimsakli Beaches 6 km, Cunda center 6 km, Patrica Beaches 9 km
- from the hotel Dikili 39 km, Bergama (in the Kingdom of Bergamon-UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List) 62 km
- Hotel Kozak Plateau 8 km, Ayvalik Bus Station 2 km, Edremit Kocaseyit Airport 37 km
- Hotel Güre Thermal Hotel 60 km, Assos Behramkale 102 km, Troy Ancient City (at UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List) 191 km and Çanakkale Martyrdoms 196 km